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S. M. Communication is a young Delhi-based company with operations in all over India. The company’s founders come with over 10 years of collective experience in complete satellite TV channel establishment, content strategy, creative, technical and IT etc. Apart of this S.M. makes television software like: documentary, docudrama, fiction, commercials and teleshopping films for various TV channels. Our work folio encompasses a wide range of services –made possible by the vastly experienced team members, who come with decades of experience in television, content strategy and the engineering streams. We offers turnkey solutions of our clients – whether it is end to end branding exercise or the setting up of television/radio stations from scratch. Starting point is nothing more than an idea; we carry projects from the inception stage to a point where the business or function is ready to use by the client.

S.M. Communication services

Creative, content strategy and Releasing ad
• Making software as required (we have done lot of documentaries, docudramas, music videos commercial ad, fictions etc.)
• Highly creative team (if required we can provide details)
• Branding of the content & TV/Radio
• Content strategy and writing
• Office interior
• Web design
• Staff training
• Strategy of media marketing
• Media planning
• Media buying with leading TV channels, Radio, News papers and Outdoor hoardings all over India.
• Marketing Research

TV, Radio and telecom technology
• Establishment of data centers, networks, teleports, lease lines
• IT related services likes: website designing & website development, server setup and securities, data storage server also
• System integration/broadcast network
• End to end station set-up

Media Ethics and law
• Registration of the company
• Trademark registration
• Copyright
• Including drafting article of association and Memorandum of association
• Such as placement agreement, teleport agreement, DTH agreement, IP TV agreement
• Agreement between channel & guest, actor, actress and anchors
• Agreement employee’s and consultancy
• Sending legal notices and reply of the legal notices
• Attending all the cases related to deformation, recovery and TDSAT (telecom dispute settlement appellate tribunal)
• Preparing Franchise/license MOU agreement and drafting of required documents in case the channel distributing the franchise
• Preparing/attending the different notices from govt. Institutions like MIB & different commissions (human right, women commission, child right commission, SC-ST commission etc.) and summiting written reply

Services of the TV channel setup
Paper Work of TV & Radio Channel – Assistance in collating and co-coordinating all type documentations as required for acquiring of license from the government.
Teleport services – We are working all leading teleport service providers. We provide support in acquiring quick, efficient and cost-effective services for teleports, phone lines, etc.
Media Training – In this section we includes FPC designing for channel shows, staff training, workshops, support and design of TV shows, branding, publicity, pr, media planning etc.
Interiors, architecture and design
• Provision of world class interior designing services
• Provision of all furniture required for the television/radio station

Technical integration services
• Designing of Ingest, Server, Master Control Room, Production Studio with Program Control Room along with Teleport Infrastructure.
• Designing & preparation of drawing layout for electrical/UPS cable routing/ducting in all technical and production area with the required power load calculations for the respective areas.
• Designing & Planning of Rack Positioning, Audio/Video/Network Cable Routing/Ducting & Technical furniture Infrastructure in all the Technical & production work areas.
• Designing newsroom automation & transmission system workflow from acquisition to transmission. Defining the server with workflow drawing.
• Planning, designing and preparation of layout for centralized air conditioning routing and ducting.

We Can Do !

Creative, content strategy and Releasing ad

• Highly creative team (if required we can provide details)
• Branding of the content & TV/Radio
• Content strategy and writing
• Office interior
• Web design                     • Media planning
• Staff training                     • Strategy of media marketing

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Our Unbeatable services

• Creative, content strategy and Releasing ad
• TV, Radio and telecom technology
• Media Ethics and law
• Technical integration services
• Services of the TV channel setup

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Tomas Jeferson

"... "The service we get from you far excels any other company I have used. ..."

Tomas Jeferson

"... S M Communictaion is amazing! I have never seen a more talented bunch of people. I cannot image what's next. I am sure that it will be on the cutting edge of technology" ..."

Tomas Jeferson

"... I have been extremely impressed by the team at S M Communication. Their team has been exceptional – not something I can say of many service providers in my 20+ years of business. Sanctuary thoroughly researched our company and our market, including thorough research of our competitors, our industry vertical, and our complex sales model. The S M communication team demonstrated an ability to understand our needs and goals which was much deeper than some of their competitors we were speaking with – which is the key reason we decided to hire S M communication. They employed a wholistic approach from the very start of our discussions. ..."